A Very Special Message From the Editors

Dear Readers,

Lately we’ve accidentally released a couple of posts into the ether and then retracted them soon after. Unfortunately, in e-life you don’t really get do-overs, it seems. Our subscribers immediately received the full text of the article upon publishing even though the article itself isn’t available on the site and comments are disabled for that post. The most recent case of this was for a cocktail called the “After Dinner.”

We apologize for the confusion, but that is what is happening. If you’ve received a copy of “After Dinner” in your email, just look at it as a sneak preview of something to come. We are trying to stay ahead of the game on our posts so we don’t add more stress to our stressful lives later. Please excuse us as we are trying to familiarize ourself with this clunky blogging platform! We promise it will never happen again!

Stay Ritualized,

The Editors

The Editors


Always drink responsibly!