The Abbey Cocktail


1 ½ oz. gin (Bombay Sapphire)
1 ½ oz orange juice
1-2 dashes orange bitters

Combine with ice; shake. Strain over ice; top with a cherry!

From “Reminiscent of oranges, this drink is a mixture of juniper and orange flavors on the tongue, with slight other floral notes pulling through thanks to the Lillet Blanc and the inclusion of bitters.” Say what? Wait, their ABBEY has a totally different recipe. The CocktailMusings version calls for kina lillet, half as much orange juice, and angostura bitters, which sounds about fifty times better than ours. Perhaps we should veer off onto this more interesting variation? No, we will stick to the program.

Brian: “Gin and juice, gross.”
Eric: “This is shit. All I can taste is orange.”
Brian: “Really? Because all I can taste is gin.”
Eric: “Wow, our taste receptors are totally different.”

SCORES: Brian 3. Eric 3.


Eric D. Anderson


Eric D. Anderson came to appreciate cocktails late in life and is trying to make up for lost time. He finds that crafting drinks involves the same precision, creativity, sociability, and ritual as baking—another passion—and believes that it brings people together in the same way. Eric is the director of Way of the Puck, a feature-length documentary about professional air hockey, and the editor of Stories of Quitting (, an online collection of true stories that celebrate giving up. His writing has appeared in AGNI, Painted Bride Quarterly, Perigee, Giant Robot, and Wild Quarterly, among other publications. In his free time he works as a camera operator on commercials and motion pictures.

Always drink responsibly!