Absinthe American Cocktail

Absinthe American

1 oz. Absinthe (Vieux Pontarlier)
Add Sugar to taste
1 oz. Water

Shake and pour over crushed ice and serve.

A very simple drink that we both enjoyed but it seemed to lack something. Eric wasn’t a big fan of this one but it was tolerable to him. Maybe we didn’t add enough or added too little sugar, it just tasted okay. It’s one of those, “I’ll drink it but I’ll never order this” kind of drink.

SCORES: Brian 5.5. Eric 6.

Brian Christie


Brian Christie envisions a future where all cocktails are made with natural ingredients and love, where hangovers don’t exist, and where everyone wants to experiment, explore, and enjoy life. As a grip/dolly grip, he’s worked on such shows as The O.C., Heroes, Iron Man 2, Gangster Squad, Horrible Bosses 2, Agents of Shield, and most recently Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. When not on set, he can be found traveling the world in search of new experiences and cocktails. His exploits include drinks in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Muskegon, Munich, Boise, Prague, Phoenix, Dublin, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Sydney, and most recently Edinburgh.

  • Michelle

    This lady says that you gentlemen need to go to Prague and have the real thing- that is absinthe neat. Herbal, strong, looked at with horror by many- but delish to me. It’s the real thing there, wormwood and all. Hence I’m a little nuts!

    • We agree that if we are ever in that part of the world we will take on this challenge. Our absinthes were better neat than they were in any other preparation. The only problem — 130 proof. So finding the right form of dilution will require some fiddling, I think. Weirdly, I just had an Absinthe Suissesse in New Orleans and it was actually delicious — something we did not find when making our own. This recipe contained orgeat, however, and that nutty sweetness seemed to bring it all together somehow.

Always drink responsibly!