Absinthe Suissesse -- Sludge!

Absinthe Suissesse

1 ½ oz. absinthe or a substitute (St. George)
1 egg white
Several drops of anisette (Rituals DIY, brandy version) and white crème de menthe (Rituals DIY)
A few drops of orange flower water (Fee Brothers)

Combine with ice; shake well. Strain straight up.

The ABSINTHE SUISSESSE is our final absinthe drink in the OLD BUSINESS file—we are optimistic for this one because it employs our tasty DIY CRÈME DE MENTHE. I’m not sure what happens exactly, but the egg white gets partially cooked in the shaker (by the 120 proof absinthe, no doubt) and coats the sides of the mixing glass with eggy sludge. It won’t even make its way through the strainer without blocking up. Perhaps there was too much discussion about Brian’s kitchen smelling like a licorice factory and those few seconds in the tin caused the egg white to start solidifying.

Both of us agree that we’ve made this drink incorrectly, but neither of us wants to start over. The ABSINTHE SUISSESSE is overpowering and unnecessarily thick with the nastiest of mouth feels. Neither of us can finish it—a Rituals first.

Brian: “This is fucking weird.”
Eric: “I just want to be done with absinthe.”
Brian: “Where’s Amanda?”

SCORES: Brian gives it a 1. Eric: “A 0 plus. I want to leave room for something worse.” Amanda gets an Incomplete.

[Editor’s Note: Eric had a very tasty Absinthe Suissesse at Kingfish in New Orleans, where they built up cracked ice into the glass like a snow cone, then drizzled the ingredients in. There also seems to be orgeat and heavy cream in many recipes, which seems like the way to go. Looks like we will have to revisit this (sigh).]

Eric D. Anderson


Eric D. Anderson came to appreciate cocktails late in life and is trying to make up for lost time. He finds that crafting drinks involves the same precision, creativity, sociability, and ritual as baking—another passion—and believes that it brings people together in the same way. Eric is the director of Way of the Puck, a feature-length documentary about professional air hockey, and the editor of Stories of Quitting (storiesofquitting.com), an online collection of true stories that celebrate giving up. His writing has appeared in AGNI, Painted Bride Quarterly, Perigee, Giant Robot, and Wild Quarterly, among other publications. In his free time he works as a camera operator on commercials and motion pictures.

  • Pastafarian2

    You’re doin’ it wrong, dude.

    Skip the egg white, use heavy cream. Skip the anisette and creme de menthe.

    Just high-quality absinthe, flower blossom water, orgeat (where’s your orgeat?), and heavy cream. Shake, strain into chilled massive rocks glass.

    If you don’t like that, stick to hard cider and natty lite.

    • therituals

      We love your enthusiasm! Thank you for the insight. Just so you know this recipe is taken from a book and we made no alterations to it that’s why it is what it is. We will definitely give your version a go! Thanks.

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