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The Rituals DIY Mead

No to the Mead

Baffled by our mead conundrum, Brian and Eric decide to consult our respective experts: From official The Rituals Consultant, Aunt Marjiann: Hi, at long last, Eric, One excuse for the delay in my reply is that I am flummoxed.  I have no good advice to give you, which is a unique experience for me—to have…


A Very Special Message From the Editors

Dear Readers, Lately we’ve accidentally released a couple of posts into the ether and then retracted them soon after. Unfortunately, in e-life you don’t really get do-overs, it seems. Our subscribers immediately received the full text of the article upon publishing even though the article itself isn’t available on the site and comments are disabled…


The A-1 Pick-Me-Up, Part 1: Start Me Up

On March 15, 2015, at 7:39 PM, Brian Christie <> wrote: Eric- There are 127 drinks in the A chapter of The Complete World Bartender Guide: The Standard Reference to More Than 2,400 Drinks, copyright 1977; two of which are actual boozes you make (ACADIAN MEAD and APRICOT VODKA) and three of which are punches. I’m still in…


The Rules

The Complete World Bartender Guide, 1993 edition (first published 1977) will be our road map, our Bible, our pole star, our Everything. No glossier, newer, better publication will come before this one. All drinks in the “A” section, from the dubious A-1 Pick Me Up to the formidable Aztec Punch, will be made and consumed,…

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