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Absinthe Cleanup thru the Adam and Eve

I arrive at Brian’s thinking how grateful his wife Amanda must be now that we have finished the cooking and bottling portion of the Rituals (at least for awhile). The ACADIAN MEAD is aging in his closet, sure, but it’s out of sight and out of mind. We’ll be using our homemade ANISETTE today and our DIY CRÈME…

Absinthe Drip Cocktail -- The Absinthe Spoon Has Done Its job

Absinthe Drip Cocktail

ABSINTHE DRIP COCKTAIL 1.5oz. Absinthe or Pernod in serving glass (Vieux Pontarlier) 1 Lump of sugar in a tea strainer Place crushed ice on top, add cold water. After water has filtered through the strainer drink can be served. The absinthe drip is what I think of when I think of absinthe. It is the most…

Absinthe Cocktail

Absinthe Cocktail

ABSINTHE COCKTAIL 1 ½ oz. absinthe or a substitute (Vieux Pontarlier) ¾ oz. water 1 tbs. anisette (Rituals DIY, brandy version) 1 dash orange bitters (Rituals DIY) Combine with ice, shake and pour over shaved ice. This is basically an anise-flavored drink with extra anise-flavored liquor added. It also uses three different kinds of water…

Absinthe & Egg Cocktail--Pouring

Absinthe and Egg

ABSINTHE AND EGG 1.5 oz. Absinthe (Vieux Pontarlier) .5 oz. Gin (Plymouth) 1 Egg White Add sugar to taste  Shake with ice, pour over shaved ice, and serve. Egg whites impart a smooth creamy texture to the cocktails without having to resort to using actual cream, which would change the flavor and have a fatty feel…

Absinthe American Cocktail

Absinthe American

ABSINTHE AMERICAN 1 oz. Absinthe (Vieux Pontarlier) Add Sugar to taste 1 oz. Water Shake and pour over crushed ice and serve. A very simple drink that we both enjoyed but it seemed to lack something. Eric wasn’t a big fan of this one but it was tolerable to him. Maybe we didn’t add enough or…

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