Absinthe Drip Cocktail -- The Absinthe Spoon Has Done Its job

Absinthe Drip Cocktail

1.5oz. Absinthe or Pernod in serving glass (Vieux Pontarlier)
1 Lump of sugar in a tea strainer

Place crushed ice on top, add cold water. After water has filtered through the strainer drink can be served.

The absinthe drip is what I think of when I think of absinthe. It is the most proper way to drink it. Typically in a good cocktail bar they will bring your absinthe along with a jar with a spigot on a pedestal, a slotted spoon, and sugar. The ritual of making an absinthe drip is all up to the drinker; more or less water, more or less sugar. Luckily Eric had a set of absinthe glasses and a slotted spoon.

We don’t use a tea strainer because we already have the spoon, plus it was more authentic this way. I attempt to drip water from a glass with a pour spout. At first I get a few drips, then I accidentally lean the glass too far and pour a little too much water into the glass. I still dissolve the sugar and get a cloudy drink but without the slow methodical drip of the spigot treatment. The reason for the drip is to get the water, sugar, and absinthe mix just right for each person’s level of flavor and aroma.

Eric decides to try an eyedropper to drip water over the sugar into the absinthe. While this is almost identical to the spigot it takes much more of your time to keep refilling the dropper whereas the spigot allows you to set it and be free to socialize while louching. Eric dissolves all of the sugar with his dropper method but doesn’t produce a louche, so he very carefully pours more cold water until the drink becomes cloudy.

This is a good drink, although I think that it would be much better with the right tools. The ritual of the drink adds something to it. Eric likes the drink but is not totally convinced. After all of the drinks he muttered, “I don’t know, man.”

SCORES: Brian 6. Eric 5.

Brian Christie


Brian Christie envisions a future where all cocktails are made with natural ingredients and love, where hangovers don’t exist, and where everyone wants to experiment, explore, and enjoy life. As a grip/dolly grip, he’s worked on such shows as The O.C., Heroes, Iron Man 2, Gangster Squad, Horrible Bosses 2, Agents of Shield, and most recently Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. When not on set, he can be found traveling the world in search of new experiences and cocktails. His exploits include drinks in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Muskegon, Munich, Boise, Prague, Phoenix, Dublin, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Sydney, and most recently Edinburgh.

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