Admiral Cocktail

Admiral Cocktail

1 oz. Bourbon (Grass Widow)

1.5 oz. Dry Vermouth (Dolin)
.5 Lemon

Combine with ice; shake. Strain. Squeeze in the lemon’s juice, stir, and drop in the peel. Add ice.

Why is this a drink!? You cannot taste the booze. I might as well eat a lemon and take a shot of booze. At least then I’d taste the booze.

SCORES: Eric 2, Brian 1.5

Not to be outdone by citrus, we take the principles learned from the Adios Amigos and apply them to the ADMIRAL COCKTAIL. Time for some refinement. Since we are changing the recipe we need to change the name of the cocktail too.

1 oz. Bourbon (Grass Widow)

1.5 oz. Dry Vermouth (Dolin)
.25 oz. Lemon juice
.25 oz. Simple syrup

Jackpot! This is a good cocktail! You can actually taste the bourbon and the dry vermouth. It’s like a variation on a whiskey sour but less citrus and simple syrup.

SCORES: Eric 8, Brian 7.5

Brian Christie


Brian Christie envisions a future where all cocktails are made with natural ingredients and love, where hangovers don’t exist, and where everyone wants to experiment, explore, and enjoy life. As a grip/dolly grip, he’s worked on such shows as The O.C., Heroes, Iron Man 2, Gangster Squad, Horrible Bosses 2, Agents of Shield, and most recently Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. When not on set, he can be found traveling the world in search of new experiences and cocktails. His exploits include drinks in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Muskegon, Munich, Boise, Prague, Phoenix, Dublin, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Sydney, and most recently Edinburgh.

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